Lesson B-405 First Visit




Having made it past the first contact, it’s now time for the first visit, and once again, preparation is the key to success.

There are many aspects of the preparation process and this lesson will lay it all out for you so there’s no guesswork involved.

These preparation aspects include:

Samples (to bring or not to bring?—your answer here will make or break your visit)

Supplies (better to have more than you may need than not enough)

Marketing materials (you can close the deal on the first visit if you get this part right)

Grooming (yes, how you look matters more than you think!)

Once you’ve prepared everything, this lesson will show you how to actually enter the home in the correct manner. There really is a method here, and we’ll show exactly what to do and why it’s so important.

Once inside the home there are certain ice-breaking behaviors, mannerisms and dialogues to adapt into your presentation that will improve the client’s self-image, so that when future design decisions arise they are based on their increased level of taste that you helped to set up.

It’s all about bringing out the customer’s emotions about themselves and the quality that they feel they deserve. When this is achieved price becomes almost a non-issue.

We’ll give you precise instructions on how to invoke these customer feelings on every visit.

Then we transition to the Home Tour, which is the next lesson. The transition process is of utmost importance because every word, every action here could be a step forward or a step back.

The First Visit lesson will give you the preparation, knowledge and even exact scripting you need to make this a golden opportunity for a long term client and increased revenue on each and every sale. Practice will make perfect here, and this lesson will get you to perfection quickly.


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