Lesson B-413 Closing with Color




What are the specific attributes of certain colors?

What is color forecasting?
How do you specify color for your clients?
Colors are almost a secret weapon for closing sales. You tap into the buyers emotions in a way that is unmatched by most other methods. It’s as if they are in a trance when you are able to invoke the color spectrum as a tool to drive your points home and have them nodding their heads in agreement to your proposal.
But you have to know what you’re doing! You need to match the colors with the client’s vision, and you must do so by walking a tightrope.
Too much color and it will be considered an over-the-top mess.
Too little and it’s a bland, boring job that could make you look like you are either lazy or incompetent, and that can be a death knell for your business.
In this lesson you will be introduced to:

Color concepts
Color schemes
The importance of the Color Marketing Group
Factors that influence color directions
Color trends
Color power words
Important considerations when selecting paint colors

his is a unique lesson with many significant profit opportunities. Your clients are relying on you to suggest proper color choices. Don’t let them down!


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