Lesson B-216 Home Staging for Designers




As a designer you should be constantly looking for new and innovative ways to stay on top of the trends and ahead of the curve.
To that end, it’s a natural fit for you to offer Home Staging services as part of your repertoire. It makes perfect sense to be an expert in this growing activity.
Plus, it can be a huge new revenue stream for you.
Consider the fact that realtors are constantly looking for ways to increase the value and sale-ability of the homes they are putting on the market. You arrive on the scene and present them with a way for them to do both: with staging.
Realtors are quickly realizing that staged homes sell faster. And it makes sense. A staged home is de-cluttered, cleaned, organized, possibly has new carpeting, paint and landscaping. And the payoff can be huge for both the seller and the realtor.
Do you think this will be a nice reflection on you and your staging abilities?
Do you think it will mean more business?
Increased revenue?
I think you get the idea.
Home staging uses realtors as your center of influence. You can build an entire business around this activity and we’ll show you how.
Staging is a perfect addition to your menu of offerings. In this lesson we’ll show you the top 10 benefits of staging, and you’ll also discover the trends and national media coverage this marketing activity has been receiving lately. What an opportunity to hitch your wagon to a major rising star on the horizon!
This course will also give you basic staging ideas, reveal when the best time to stage is, and show you exactly how to stage in easy steps. Plus I’ll include a special section on how to market to Realtors.
This lesson will pay for itself very quickly


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