Lesson B-406 Home Tour




This part of the sales process is where everything comes together. Your success here can spell increased transactional sales, better odds of a lucrative long term relationship where you tap into your prospect’s long term goals and aspirations, which transcend things like price and move you into an entirely new buying universe.

On the other hand, your failure at this juncture of the sale can mean more than just a lost client. It means that you were unable to generate any kind of emotional energy from the customer, which can really hinder your ability to take your business to another level.

Therefore, it’s imperative you go into the Home Tour armed with every piece of usable knowledge at your disposal. This lesson will provide you with this knowledge.

In addition to the continuation of the Transition to Home Tour from the First Visit lesson, you’ll learn:

Bonding: this is the time to be listening to the prospect, not selling yourself. This is a learning experience for you. A fact finding mission.

What to ask when you enter a room: there’s a right way and a wrong way to tour a home, and if you ask the wrong questions it can lead to a disastrous tour. Here you’ll learn what you should do specifically every time

How to use your portfolio: when conducting the home tour, timing is everything. In this lesson you’ll discover how to time the presentation of your portfolio in such a way that it complements the presentation at just the right time, as part of a carefully orchestrated sequence of events.

As with every lesson in this entire course, preparation is the key to success. Once you take the Home Tour lesson you’ll never have to go into another home unprepared, saying the wrong things at the wrong times.

The Home Tour will also, most importantly, equip you with the know-how you need to put the customer at ease, in a frame of mind that focuses on their deepest desires. You can be the key to making their dreams come true, leading to sales based on emotion rather than price. But you have to know what to say and do to become that key in their minds. Your mastery of this is your ticket to huge home tour success.


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