Lesson B-402 How to Price



Correct pricing is almost an art form. You must know how to price your products correctly.
Price too high and you’ll price yourself out of jobs. Price too low and you may increase your customer base, but you’ll lose precious time that could have been spent on other more lucrative jobs, ultimately resulting in lower cash flow and a slippery slope towards business failure.
In the Pricing lesson you’ll learn how to price out both Fabricated and Workroom Products, as well as surcharges and an estimating guide.
The Fabricated Products, as you will learn, use a series of “charts” that will shed light on the often tricky process of finding the perfect price.
The Workroom Products require a bit more elbow grease to get your price just right, but when you enroll in this Pricing lesson you’ll discover everything you need to know.
We’ll cover anything and everything you ever needed to price out, including:

Roman shades
Cellular shades
Blinds, shutters, and all other shade types
Decorative hardware
Bedding, pillows, cushions, accessories
Drapery panels

You’ll also get an extensive overview of how to price out installation and shipping costs, and perhaps most importantly, how to price so that you can maintain the proper profit margin that your business needs to thrive.

If you don’t want to leave things to chance, then this lesson in pricing is an absolute must for your decorating business.


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