Lesson B-403 How to Measure



Measuring. If you want to “get it done right” then this is a critical skill you must possess, and sadly not enough decorators realize this.
So your mastery of this will give you a competitive edge, not to mention show to the customer that you care about doing the job correctly the first time, which is always one of the best ways that your reputation will spread around the industry.
In this lesson you will learn how to measure for:

Fabricated products
Workroom products

We’ll also show you how to make the precise template required to do any measuring job with complete accuracy.
And, as an added bonus, we’ll present you with a measuring system that you can use which covers all the bases. It’s a paint-by-numbers methodology that’s easy to follow yet so powerful when you want to do things right the first time.
At WCU we leave nothing to chance. Precision, attention to detail and exceptional quality are things we take very seriously, and you should too.

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