Lesson B-301 Ordering and Tracking



In the area of Client Fulfillment, Ordering and Tracking are often prone to falling through the cracks, resulting in a poor experience with customers and vendors alike.
It’s imperative you have the highest level of expertise possible in this area so you can prevent problems instead of constantly putting out fires.
The Ordering and Tracking Lesson will provide you with the knowledge necessary to be able to place orders with your vendors the right way every time.
We’ll provide you with a series of examples on how to order various elements of a typical job, including how to correctly order:

Pinch pleats
Upholstered cornices
Roman shades

We’ll get into all the particulars to make for a smooth ordering process, helping you to put a system into place for identifying fabrics, dimensions and other details so there is no room for error.
You’ll also learn how to track these orders so you can give status reports to your customers knowing that it’s accurate and you won’t have to go back and make excuses later on.
On the surface, the ordering and tracking process may seem like an afterthought, something anyone could do. But it’s not. Your reputation is riding on your ability to get this right or it could mean costly delays and a damage to your image that is very hard to fix.


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