Lesson B-100 The Wonderful World of Window Coverings




This first lesson will give you the all-important framework to guide you down the path to a prosperous career in window coverings. Everything you need to know to get started is here. Take a look at what you’ll learn:
Your Future in the Business: we’ll examine all the opportunities that await you as a window coverings professional and how your knowledge of the fundamentals is so critical to a bright future.
Window Coverings Basics: this is where we lay the groundwork; your knowledge of the basic principles will set the stage as we go deeper into the lessons.
History of the Industry: it’s important you know how it all began if you are to put your career in the proper perspective.
You’ll also be completely immersed in these subjects:

Window Types
Fabricated Products
Workroom Products
Measuring Tips
Creating Awareness
Consultation Sales
Customer Fulfillment

You’ll also learn the two yardsticks for measuring your people and design skills, and we’ll even introduce a tested selling system for you to take and run with.
If that weren’t enough, you’ll also discover what you need to have for flawless client fulfillment, and once you know it, we’ll tell you how to get it!
If you’re serious about starting your career off correctly then this lesson is the perfect springboard for what’s to come. This is a total comprehensive introductory course.

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