Lesson B-501 Drapery Hardware




oday you have countless choices when setting out to choose the right hardware for your draperies. Make the right decision and you have a satisfied customer. Make the wrong decision and it could haunt you for months.
Drapery Hardware is not glamorous by any means. But the success you’ll achieve with your newly acquired expertise certainly will appear impressive to your customers, enough so that it will warrant repeat business, referrals and word of mouth.
In this lesson we will examine the ins and outs of both functional and decorative hardware. We’ll show you what works where, as well as how to decipher all the choices you have in finishes.
We’ll cover everything you need to know about:

Sash and spring rods
Upholstered poles
Milkwash finish
Faux painted finish
Wood finishes
Silver finishes
Gold finishes
Wrought iron
And more!

You will experience the many possibilities you have when making the important hardware decisions and you’ll learn the sources every savvy decorator should know. This lesson is a must-attend for any serious decorator.


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