Lesson B-509 Workroom Products




Workroom Products, also known as “Soft” products, are the window fashions that include all sewn items. This is where you can put your creativity as a decorator on display.
In this lesson we’ll cover:

Roman shades
Balloon shades

We’ll cover each and every one of these areas in depth, so you walk away with a firm grasp of every possible aspect of workroom products so you’ll be better equipped to present your services in the marketplace.
But there’s so much more here and I’ll explain why.
When dealing with these soft products, it’s important to harness your creativity so it’s in line with the desires, passions and unique tastes of each customer you come in contact with.
You and the customer must work together to create something truly special, something they’ll tell others about, which will result in more business for you.
In the Workroom Products lesson you’ll discover how to showcase your talents as a decorator while always keeping the needs of your customers in the forefront. This is one of the keys to your long term success. It’s a fine line, and we’ll show you how to walk it.

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