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If you love window fashions and want a more successful business, discover why hundreds of owners and design consultants rave about this class. We are proud that more graduates sell $1 Million annually than any training program anywhere.

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You can choose from courses that range from $19 to $495. There are many different courses that fit your needs. Whether the course is for business owners, installers, or design consultants, there are courses for you. Online courses have many advantages.

  • Create your own schedule. Be flexible when need be
  • Choose an environment with no distractions
  • With online courses, choose exactly what you need to advance your career.

Keeping up with Competition

Over 300 graduates are selling more today at higher profit than ever in their careers. We hope you don’t come against a graduate as a competitor.

Proven “7 Steps to Success” Selling System

Learn to Make-A-Friend on the phone. When you do it right, you may receive a hug at the doorway from someone you have never met.

Sell More Products on Appointments You Have Now

Graduates tell us they sell 15% more products to the appointments they have now, and they earn at least 5% more gross margin.

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Personal Business Owner

Works from Home with no employees

What is the profit potential for a Home Business owner?  Would you believe it is more than a retail store selling $1,000,000 a year?

Retail Store Owner, Managing Staff

Hire and train Design Sales Consultants

The most difficult experience in window treatment management is moving above $1,000,000 in sales.