Lesson B-612 The Psychology and Theory of Color




Instructor: Margarett DeGange, The DeGangi School of Interior Decoration
Color is a topic that intimidates clients and many design professionals as well. No need! When color principles are systematically broken down and explained in an inspiring fashion, the lights magically come on, and selling anything involving color becomes easier.

The impact of color in an interior space can be very subtly or quite obvious. Colors do not just affect us visually. They leave an impression on us in many ways and on many different levels. Even when we are not aware of it, the colors in our environment work to influence and even persuade us.

Every Interior Designer and Interior Decorator should be an expert on color. At the very least, design professionals MUST have a working knowledge of the principles and theory of color used in home design, and be able to communicate with clients and help them to solve problems relating to color. An understanding of the basics will go a lot way in helping you to connect with your clients and improve their quality of life through the unwavering power of color.

The Psychology and Theory of Color for Design Professionals is a power packed and inspiring class taught by Margarett DeGange, M. Ed, one of the industry’s top experts on design and color. The class is fast-paced, yet fun and inspiring, and will motivate you to get out there and sell color in new and profit building ways.

In This Power-Packed Session You Will Learn:
How Color can Serve Specific Design Intents
How Color Can Serve our Clients
How to Use Color in the Home
Color’s Personality and How Colors “Behave”
Light vs. Dark Color Use in Interiors
Color Wheel Basics that will Never Bore You
The 1 ingredient ALL Successful Palettes MUST Have
3 Ways to Get this Ingredient
Types of Color Palettes
Understanding Undertones with Ease
The Psychology of Color Analysis
Good Color Choices in Room Design

Meeting Decorating Challenges with Color


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