Lesson B-508 Fabricated Products




Fabricated Products, also known as “Hard” products include blinds, shades and shutters. These window treatments are typically used for privacy and light control.
Too many consumers these days assume that they can simply purchase a set of blinds without knowing the proper aspects of installation, positioning and maintenance.
In the blinds section we’ll cover:

Wood blinds
Faux wood blinds
Aluminum blinds
Vertical blinds

In the shades section we’ll cover:

Woven wood shades
Cellular shades
Pleated shades
Roman shades
Solar shades

We’ll also give you a look at how versatile and attractive shutters can be, as well as give you a list of the most common shutter fabricators.
Then we’ll explain how to measure and price everything effectively.
As a window coverings professional it’s your job to dispel the myths and present the facts to your prospective clients, and the only way to do this effectively is for you to know all the facts yourself.
In this lesson you’ll discover everything you’ll need to know to be considered the obvious fabricated products expert.

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