Lesson B-408 Romancing Fabrics




From an introduction of fabric types to the various uses you will receive an astounding overview into the world of decorative fabrics and trims.
You will actually learn how to “Romance” the fabric during the sales process. This is an incredible way to show your skills, creativity and natural passion for this business to your prospects.
What are the different fabrics and their applications?
How are fabrics woven and dyed and printed?
All this and much more will be turned inside out as we give you a highly detailed look into fabrics, including:
Types of fibers, fabrics, weaves and dyes
The best fabrics for various applications
How to present fabrics
How to price fabrics
There is so much in this lesson that you’ll realize you didn’t know, and you’ll look back on this particular aspect of your education and be thankful you learned what you did, because when you are Romancing the Fabric you’re actually romancing your customers, tapping into senses that weren’t available to you before, and making the most of your new knowledge.
This is one lesson you don’t want to miss.


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