Lesson B-401 Sales & Negotiation Techniques




Your key to success is to close more sales and to receive your just reward. In Sales & Negotiation Techniques you will be exposed to the skills used by the people in the top of our industry to sell with style and negotiate with confidence.
Most decorators don’t know the first thing about sales or negotiation. Why? Because they are focused on providing their service. When you learn the rules of selling, the concept of pleasure vs. pain-based selling, and the principles of effective negotiation, you’ll begin to leapfrog ahead of your competition.
In the sales section of this lesson we’ll be covering:

7 reasons to ask questions
3 rules of selling
How to get into the mind of your prospect
Principles of instant influence
Laws of:

You’ll also discover how to create a highly effective selling and design system, how to write a summary letter, and the 8 activities you must do to succeed.
In the negotiation section of the lesson we’ll be covering
How to handle and overcome typical objections

The SWOT analysis
The Pendulum Theory
The 7 Motivators

You’ll also be able to take a look at where you are right now and determine what your current level of negotiation skills are. You may be surprised at the results!
This lesson is for anyone who wants to bring in more revenue while still making the customer feel empowered and excited to proceed


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