Lesson B-212 The Marketing Makeover




We can help you learn to make a better living doing what you love–Design. You chose this line of work for a reason. You saw that it would get you something you wanted:

Control over your time
A more enjoyable, fulfilling and fun working environment
More money using your in-born talents
An opportunity to share your vision

And when you made this career decision you realized that you would actually be doing the work: serving your clients and decorating their homes.

But if you don’t have clients, or don’t have enough of them, you’re not getting what you want – you’re not changing the world fast enough, doing enough of what you love, earning enough to feel secure, having more control over your life – because you’re spending too much time and money on marketing.

The purpose of the Marketing Makeover System is to help you get what you want in life by making your business more successful, and to accomplish that goal with as little struggle as possible. That’s what we want for you here at WCU.

When you enroll in The Marketing Makeover, you’ll not only gain the advantage of using this proven Sales and Marketing system, you’ll also get:

* Clarity about your business and marketing objectives
* Practical support to solve problems and eliminate obstacles
* Marketing expertise to help you make an effective action plan
* Skill-building in marketing and management
* Perspective on your challenges and feedback on your ideas
* Accountability to keep you focused on your goals and on track with your plans

Are you ready to improve your business?


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