Learn to sell like Million Dollar Professionals

Professional Window Covering Sales, B-121

Keeping up with Competition

Over 300 graduates are selling more today at higher profit than ever in their careers. We hope you don’t come against a graduate as a competitor. You will likely lose the sale, but not because their price is lower. Graduates win customers with friendliness, credibility, and relationship skills you won’t learn anywhere else. They learn to establish a budget before bringing in samples and how to price draperies in minutes for an immediate close. Small and large businesses recognize B-121 PWCS as the best sales course in our industry.

Proven “7 Steps to Success” Selling System

Learn to Make-A-Friend on the phone. When you do it right, you may receive a hug at the doorway from someone you have never met. Learn to build relationships so customers refer you to their friends and call you again and again for more work to follow..

Sell more products on appointments you have now

Graduates tell us they sell 15% more products to the appointments they have now, and they earn at least 5% more gross margin. Multiply your sales by 15% to find the total potential. Then, multiply the new total sales by 5% to find your ADDED net profit. Will that pay for your class? Probably many times over.